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International permaculture centre in the beautiful Nimbin valley of northern NSW.

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Djanbung Gardens was designed and founded by permaculture pioneer, Robyn Francis, and is globally renowned as one of permaculture’s leading education and demonstration sites. The public programs are managed by Permaculture College Australia Inc, a non-profit organisation specialising in professional training and community education in permaculture, earth stewardship and sustainable practices.

Immerse yourself in permaculture for an intensive living, learning experience with PCA at Djanbung Gardens for our residential PDC intensive. Gain the knowledge and skills to design your property, create abundance, build resilient community and bring practical sustainability into your personal life, profession and workplace.

Robyn Francis

Short courses & Workshops

Forgotten Arts – Coiled Basketry

$595.00 $545.00

Short courses & Workshops

Bamboo Essentials – Weekend Workshop

$335.00 $295.00

Short courses & Workshops

Incredible Edible Tubers – Workshop

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PDC: Permaculture Design Courses

PDC-PLUS 17-day Course Nov 2019


PDC: Permaculture Design Courses

Permaculture Design Course (PDC) March

$2,245.00 $1,995.00

Learn in a living working permaculture farm where the concepts taught are practiced  

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In 15 years, what was a degraded 5-acre cow pasture has been transformed into a cornucopia of biodiversity and abundance. At Djanbung Gardens you can experience a wide range of working systems demonstrating approaches to sustainable living and design through our guided and self-guide tours and training programs including short courses, part and full-time accredited training, and residential internships.

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Full Guided Garden Tours – Book a tour to explore our permaculture gardens with one of our trained staff explaining the intricacies of permaculture design and practices applied here.

Tour is approx 75 minutes duration.

Guided tours please book in advance: $50 min or 3 or more $20/person.

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