Permaculture Open Day August 2018

Aerial photo of Djanbung Gardens by Guy Stewart

Permaculture Open Day Fibre & Fix-it Fair
Saturday August 18, 10am-3.30pm

This year’s Permaculture open day at Djanbung Gardens, Sat 18th August, is combining with a Fibre and Fix-it Fair for a day full of fascinating workshops, talks and displays on practical earth-friendly living, traditional arts and crafts and permaculture ideas.

Presentations and workshops will cover diverse topics including natural vegetable dyes, how to grow and spin organic cotton, natural fibres, making compost, incredible edible tubers and perennial vegetables, permaculture tips for buying land, making maps using drone photography and bamboo crafting. Presenters include Robyn Francis, Guy Stewart, Stephanie Seckhold, Janelle Schafer, Denis Madeleine, Yvonne Campbell and Tobias Gruffydd.

The Nimbin Repair Café stand will demonstrate tool care, repair, maintenance and the art of sharpening tools. The LandsEnd forge will demonstrate blacksmithing and making tools from reclaimed scrap metal.

The day will also feature interesting displays plus stalls with plants, books, crafts and produce for sale. Visitors can strolling around the gardens or catch the guided tour of the property.

Abundance Café will be open with delicious lunches and refreshments made from fresh garden and local produce with over 90% of ingredients sourced within 35km of Nimbin.

This will be the 14th annual open day at Djanbung Gardens and will raise funds for Permaculture Australia and the local Permaculture College. Entry is by donation ($5 or gold coins recommended)

Djanbung Gardens, designed by Robyn Francis, has a global reputation as a leading permaculture education centre and is conveniently located at 74 Cecil St, Nimbin, just past the Nimbin showgrounds.

Program Summary

ALL DAY: Café – yummy local food, lunches & snacks
Natural Fibre & Dye • Displays • Stalls • Repair Café • Activities


Stephanie Sekhold, Guy Stewart, Janelle Schafer, Tobias Gruffydd, Denise Madeline, Yvonne Campbell and others
Bamboo crafting,                  Berkley Compost
DIY Natural Fibres                Perennial Vegetables & Tubers
Drop spindle spinning           Tips for buying land
Natural Plant Dyes                Solar on the grid with batteries
Blacksmithing                        Bee Hotels
Candle-making                     Garden Tour



Time Item Facilitator
10.20 Welcome  
10.30 Bamboo crafting Tobias Griffith
11:00 Berkley Compost Denis Madeleine
Natural Fibres Stephanie Seckhold
11:30 Bamboo Tour Robyn Francis
12:00 Candle making Tracy Lewis
12.30 Natural Dyes with plants Janelle Schafer
1 Tropical tubers & perennial veg Robyn Francis
1:30 Blacksmithing Tobias Griffith
2:00 Tips for Buying Land Yvonne Campbell
2:00 Knife Sharpening Andrew
2:30 Drones in design Guy Stewart
3:00 Garden tour Robyn Francis
3:30 Finish  

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